Torino Internazionale | The Second Strategic Plan

In July 2006, first Strategic Plan document was updated in order to respond to a socio-economic context that had changed even further, creating new necessities and different growth objectives.

According to the "2nd Strategic Plan for a knowledge Society", the keystone for completing this transformation is investment in human resources and innovation, and valorization of the patrimony of local competences in order to adapt them to the new global context. Work on the preparation of the 2nd Strategic Plan began in January 2005, and was coordinated by thematic commissions entrusted with the duty of exploring scenarios, objectives and possibilities.

The commissions met in plenary sessions and in small groups, experimented forms for involving the citizens, promoted conventions and organized political and institutional encounters. They explained the planning process through publications and mass communications. As in 2000, the planning process involved over 1,000 people.

(files pdf):
The Plan, the Association, activities, prospects (english)
Le plan, l'Association, les activites, les prospectives (français)
El plan, la Asociacion, las actividades, las perspectivas (español)
O Plano, o Associação, as atividades as prospectivas (português)