The context
In the month of February 1998 TURISMO TORINO, the Reception and Tourist Promotion Agency for the Metropolitan Area of Turin, became operative. TURISMO TORINO, the ATL 1, is a non-profit making, public-private consortium at the service of tourism. It was set up in October 1997 in accordance with the regional law No. 75/96 for the task of organising the activities of promotion, reception, information and tourist assistance in Turin and its Metropolitan Area.

A pool of 30 people working in different sectors: marketing and communications, promotion and commercialising, press office, product and project development; information, welcoming and assistance via the Information Points at Piazza Castello 161, at Porta Nuova railway station and at Torino Caselle airport.


  • Inform citizens of tourist development projects and make them aware of the importance of tourism as an economic and job-producing element;

  • Modify the touristically negative impression of the Metropolitan Area;

  • Create and/or strengthen a strong, attractive image of Turin in Italy and abroad;

  • Consolidate the already existing tourist flow;

  • Increase the number of visitors and tourists;

  • De-season tourism in our area;

  • Contribute to the development and modernisation of what Turin can offer tourists and of its receptive structures that complement its welcoming activities;

  • Produce products, services and programmes through the 'Product Club'

The Activities

  1. Promotion

  2. Direct to the potential tourist: realise and distribute informative material; realise specific communication and promotional campaigns
    Indirect mainly towards the press and sector operators:
    Presentations in Italy and abroad;
    Participation in fairs and workshops in Italy and abroad;
    Educational for Italian and foreign journalists.

  3. Information and tourist reception

  4. It is the task and responsibility of Turismo Torino to build up a reception system that creates the best conditions for a tourist's stay in Turin and its hinterland through:
    - Distribution of information to tourists that visit the city;
    - Preparation and posting of informative and welcoming material;
    - Hotel reservation services;
    - Services for guided visits of the city

    Piazza Castello 161
    Porta Nuova railway station
    'Sandro Pertini' international airport of Torino-Caselle

  5. Creation of products and tourist events

  6. In order to further develop its system of local reception, Turismo Torino, together with the Associations and Bodies responsible, has conceived the following tourist products:
    - Torino Card, 48 hours at the tourist's service;
    - Ristocard, to lunch and dine in Turin's best restaurants.

    From 2001, there is a project to draw up Programmes, Products and Tourist Services in collaboration with private and public operators in the territory in order to organise and promote as a whole the Turin offer in answer to an ever increasing diversification of tourist demand.
    These programmes, products and services will be organised through the 'Product Club'.

  7. Assistence, Consultancy and Training

  8. The Agency is a reference and coordination point for the local tourist system by means of:
    - consultancy activities, planning, projects and management, an awareness-raising and communication campaign directed towards the single categories most in direct contact with tourists.

Turismo Torino

Via bogino 9
10100 - Torino
Phone: +39 011 53.51.81 - 59.01 - 13.27
Fax: +39 011 53.00.70 - 56.17.095

Our reasons for joining Torino Internazionale

With reference to the Strategic Plan for the Promotion of Turin, and specifically to strategic line 5, Turismo Torino is a member in order to:
- participate actively and economically in the development project of the city and its hinterland, in the various sectors;
- contribute to the creation of a tourist image for Turin and its Metropolitan Area;
- promote integration of the cultural, historical and artistic resources of the city of Turin and its Metropolitan Area in order to attract a greater number of visitors.

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