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The Unione Industriale di Torino, Employers' Association of Turin, started life in 1906 as the Lega Industriali Torinesi, Employers' League of Turin and went on to lay the foundations for Confindustria, the Italian Manufacturers' Association in 1910.
The Association has been working hand-in-hand with businesses for over 90 years, reflecting local economic growth. Over the years the Employers' Association has expanded its original role as trades union representative to offer a wide range of corporate services, emerging as a key point of reference in local life and culture.

Who we represent

30 different product categories, more than 2500 small, medium and large concerns belong to the Association, employing 70% of the local workforce in the manufacturing industry. The product Associations and Group target their activities to help develop the sector and safeguard its members, dealing with the problems inherent to each category.


The Association's role is destined to increase. In fact, in today's global economy, each nation's manufacturing industries compete directly with their counterparts abroad. There is a close link between successful globalisation and the performance of local areas. This is the reason why the Association has responded to this trend by setting its sights on Asia, Latin America and wherever its members need advice on globalisation. The general targets of the Association are to promote protect and defend the interests of the industry of Turin, representing and advising it in dealings with economic and trades unions authorities, bodies and organisations.
The activity of the Association is made through many different actions: to encourage corporate growth and development and promote globalisation and modern management techniques, to guarantee outstanding consultancy services and advice for members, to co-operate with other public and private organisations to encourage economic and social growth , safeguarding the role of local industry and the interests of businesses.


  • Trades union issues: advice and information on legislation , labour contracts, human resource management and comunitary law and support for collective and individual bargaining.

  • Social security: updated information on social security legislation. Advice on individual problems and help in dealings with public authorities.

  • Welfare: updated information on welfare entitlements and management of cases lodged with public authorities.

  • Employment counselling service: employment service for qualified staff looking for their first job.

  • Training: specific information and training for business operators, directors and middle managers. Courses, serminars and meetings based on companies' needs.

  • Legal advice: detailed advice and information on employment law and legal problems involving companies, comunitary legislation. Written information on EC social and economic legislation and inclusion in Italian law.

  • Tax legislation: advice on tax law

  • Economy: analysis of company finances; study of most suitable types of loan.

  • Energy and the environment: support, information and advice on technical, financial and legal aspects of energy and environmental matters.

  • Quality and normative: information and advice on quality systems, product certification and CE mark.

  • Exports: practical assistance and exhibitor-customer liaison services for trade fairs world-wide. Information on international trade regulations and on EU and international standards and agreements.

  • Urban planning: advice on urban planning.

  • Economic research: advice on applying for structural funds from the European Union. Statistics and scientific documents.

  • Schools and Universities: liaison between industry and schools and universities to ensure on-going co-operation. Organisation of joint projects.

  • Press office and external relations: relations with daily newspapers and periodicals, press agencies, radio and television.

Target areas and associate organisations

Near to the different services offered by the Association there are target areas and associate organisations. They deal with tax advice, business finance, vocational training, liaison with schools and universities, purchasing and procurement, certification and culture and leisure, in order to answer to the needs of the corporated companies.

Unione Industriale

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Our reasons for joining Torino Internazionale

The Employers' Association of Turin is aware of the necessity to promote a new economic and social development for our city, is going to proactively define potential future scenarios. The goal is to transform the city into a metropolis of know-how, able to focus on tomorrow's activities and on quality of life as other major European capitals.

The Unione Industriale

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