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Associazione Artissima, a non profit body created in Turin in 1997, operates in the Piedmont Region territory aiming at realising exhibitions, workshops and shows within Artissima, International Fair of Contemporary Art in Turin. Associazione Artissima also intends to operate continuously and independently from the Fair to support reaserches and development of artistic activities; to promote cultural activities with the purpose of improving the art market knowledge and the access to it; to develop new ways of communication with national and international institutions; to foster the development of contemporary art. Public and private bodies, as well as individual persons, can join Associazione Artissima and become members of it. Programmes and activities of Associazione Artissima are defined by the Board of Directors.

Associazione Artissima is recorded in the Register of the City of Turin Associations, as well as in the centralized provisional Region’s Register of Piedmont Region juridical persons.

Within its institutional purposes, from 1997 to 2000 Associazione Artissima organised Artissima Fair cultural programme, working in co-operation with the Local Bodies: the Piedmont Region, the Province of Turin and the City of Turin, which strongly support Associazione Artissima work.

The programme included exhibitions devoted to important private and public collections, videos and art film shows, performances, special events, workshops and meetings attended by institutional representatives, museum’s directors and curators, critics, artists, collectors, directors of international galleries. As an example, the exhibitions dedicated to “Panza di Biumo”, “Terrae motus” and “Arco” collections and the show devoted to Pier Luigi Nervi; “Regards/Glances”, a review of french art videos; conventions on “Public collections and the art market in Europe”, “The metropolis’ aesthetics”, “Private concern and art in Italy”, “The art of exporting art”, “Contemporary art in France and in Italy”; “Pareti ad Arte/Art Walls” international Contest; a survey on contemporary art in Italy.

Within the Fair’s cultural programme, Associazione Artissima created in 1997 an annual Found of € 51.600 for the purchase of works of art to be selected among those exhibited in the Fair and to be donated - in two equal parts - to the permanent collections of GAM, Galleria Civica d’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea di Torino and Castello di Rivoli, Museo d’Arte Contemporanea. The works of art are chosen by the directors of the respective museums. The Found was increased during the years thanks to the contributions of Local Bodies and of public and private sponsors and till now has allowed the purchase of works of art for a value of more than € 260.000. Thanks to Artissima Found the collections of the two museums could be enriched with works by some of the most significant international names of contemporary art such as Tony Cragg, Salvo, Nunzio, Bertrand Lavier, Richard Long, Nan Goldin, Roni Horn, Mario Airò, Eva Marisaldi, Wolfgang Tillmans, Pia Stadtbaumer, just to mention a few.

To promote the image of the Fair and of the City of Turin, Associazione Artissima also created a special programme devoted to important international collectors of contemporary art. The programme comprehends a three days invitation which includes, along with visits to Artissima Fair, meetings and exclusive events organised with museums, foundations and territorial private and public collections. In 2000 this programme brought to Turin a selected group of more than a hundred collectors coming from allover Europe, the United States, South America and Asia.

In 2001 Associazione Artissima undertook the whole Artissima Fair organisation, in accordance and with the contribution of the Local Bodies (Piedmont Region, Province of Turin and City of Turin), of Fondazione CRT and of Compagnia di San Paolo.

Associazione Artissima directly organises the cultural programme, communication’s aspects and promotion of the Fair while the commercial aspects are in charge of a specialised company.

To perform its commitments, Associazione Artissima collaborates with a Technical Committee composed of the three Local Bodies representatives, the two bank foundations and city’s institutions as Torino Internazionale, Torino Città Capitale Europea, and Turismo Torino.

To define the cultural programme of 2001 Fair edition, Associazione Artissima co-operates with a Scientific Committee formed by Daniel Soutif, artistic director of Artissima, by Ida Gianelli, director of Castello di Rivoli, and Pier Giovanni Castagnoli, director of GAM Torino.

Artissima is the most international showcase of art in Italy, the only exclusively devoted to contemporary art and to the emerging new trends. The eighth edition of Artissima will take place from November 15 to 18, 2001 and is one of the most important moment of “November, month of contemporary art”, promoted by the City of Turin.

Artissima 2001 has a new, larger venue, Torino Esposizioni, where 150 galleries coming from Europe, America, Asia and Australia will be presented along with important museums, foundations, cultural institutions, art magazines and specialised italian and foreigner editors.

The cultural programme includes a series of events, among which the international workshop entitled “The 21st century museum between culture and entertainment”; “Present Future”, 12 ‘under 35’ artists presented by 12 young international critics; “New complicities”, an exhibition of works of art coming from some of the most important private city’s collections, which for the first time will be exhibited together at Artissima; “Videolab”, a special space totally devoted to art videos.

Finally, within the Fair Associazione Artissima completes “Pareti ad arte/Art Walls” Contest, which will see Nancy Dwyer from the USA, and Marcus Kreiss from France engaged in an artistic intervention on the walls of two buildings of the city.


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Our reasons for joining Torino Internazionale

Associazione Artissima is glad to be part of Associazione Torino Internazionale because, within the strategic plan for the city international development that regards culture and contemporary art as one of Turin’s strength, it considers as essential the co-ordination and active contribution of all the bodies and institutions that concretely operate in the city through initiatives, which aim at increasing and emphasizing the cultural offer and the involvement of professional operators, media and visitors coming from all over the world.

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