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The Centro di Ricerca e Documentazione "Luigi Einaudi" was founded in 1963 in Turin as a free association of businessmen and young intellectuals, following the will and engagement of an entrepreneur, Fulvio Guerrini, General Secretary of the Centro until his death, in 1979. The Centro is an independent non-profit making institute for study and research financed by contributions from individuals and corporations, by the sale of its publications and by specific research orders.

The activities of the Centro take inspiration from the maxim 'conoscere per deliberare' (decisions based on a knowledge of reality) formulated by Luigi Einaudi, a leading economist and first President of the Italian Republic. The Centro aims to hold a place in the Italian cultural panorama both on a theoretical and on an empirical level, endeavouring to analyse and 'anticipate' timing and subjects under political and economic public discussion, both nationwide and locally.

The activities are co-ordinated by a Study Committee and financed by the Members. Those members take part in the Programme Committee, which is made up of individuals, corporations, industrial associations and banking institutes.
The Permanent Staff is composed of Piero Ostellino (President), Angelo Pavia (General Secretary), Giuseppina De Santis (Manager), Mario Deaglio, Davide Donati, Giorgio S. Frankel, Anna Maria Gonella, Gabriele Guggiola, Pier Giuseppe Monateri, Angelo M. Petroni, Giovanni Ronca.

The aims of the Centro are to carry out research activities on political, economic and social topics both on a national and a local level, either on its own or upon commission of Italian and international organisations.
The Centro edits several monographs, books (even through other publishers) and periodicals; it trains young scholars and researchers and organises seminars, conferences and lectures.

Among its activities can be mentioned:

  • the quarterly journal Biblioteca della libertà: founded in 1964, it is one of the main Italian publications on social sciences and political philosophy. It aims to illustrate and make known contemporary liberal thought, both Italian and international. Editor: Angelo M. Petroni
  • the Rapporto sull'economia globale e l'Italia (Report on the global economy and Italy - Sponsor: Lazard & C). Since 1996, every year this Report analyses the changes in the world markets looking at trend developments, production sectors, enterprises, the evolution of rules and the position of Italy in the global economy

  • the Rapporto sul risparmio e sui risparmiatori in Italia (Report on savings and savers in Italy - Sponsor: Banca Nazionale del Lavoro). Since 1983, this Report systematically explores the savings of Italian families on the basis of an opinion poll by Doxa and analyses the evolution of structural characteristics, preferences, choices and expectations of Italian savers

  • the Rapporto sulla distribuzione in Italia (Report on the retail trade in Italy - Sponsor: SISIM s.r.l.). This year in its third edition, it is a yearly analysis of data on distribution and a reflection on the strategic problems of the sector
  • the Economic Freedom Index. Since 1997 the Centro Einaudi helps to compile the Economic Freedom of the World annual report published by The Fraser Institute, Vancouver, as official Italian collaborator of the Economic Freedom Network. Since 2000 the Centro Einaudi and Corriere della Sera have also contributed to the compilation of the European Union Economic Freedom Index , with comparisons of the 15 EU countries and between the EU and Japan and the United States
  • the Conferenze 'Fulvio Guerrini' (Fulvio Guerrini Lectures). Since 1984, the Centro Einaudi has organised an annual lecture in honour of its founder, given by an eminent Italian or foreign scholar (Raymond Boudon, James M. Buchanan, Ralf Dahrendorf, Seymour M. Lipset, H. Tristram Engelhardt Jr., among others), traditionally held in the Aula Magna of the University of Turin
  • research on legal subjects for the Unione Industriale Torino, started with a study on timing and costs of the civil legal actions in 1999 and followed with the analysis of the bankruptcy laws reform in June 2001. The research on the globalisation of law firms will be presented at the end of 2001. The next study will be on the "New structure of public control on enterprises"
  • in addition to the Osservatorio sulla politica estera (Watch on Foreign Policy), since 2000 the Centro Einaudi has presented the Osservatorio Europa (Watch on Europe), on the basis that the EU will be even more important and greater due to other countries joining it, thus changing our perspective on the future.

The Internet site
A large number of the Centro Einaudi publications are available on Internet, where the Centro’s traditionally successful products are joined by the ‘Well of Ideas’, a container of readings, interpretations and comments, ideas and proposals on line.

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Our reasons for joining Torino Internazionale

To take part in Torino Internazionale means for the Centro Einaudi being able to link up with other protagonists operating in different fields in the Turin area.
The Centro Einaudi has always focused on the economic, social, political and cultural developments of the Turin metropolitan area, and many of its activities are carried out together with local institutions and public and private bodies. The challenging project Torino Internazionale goes under the title of 'work in progress' for the future of the city of Turin and its wider urban area, where the Centro Einaudi can offer the expertise and experience it has acquired in almost forty years of activity.

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