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The agency for the development of the area to the south-west of Turin, ASSOT (Agenzia per lo Sviluppo del Sud-Ovest di Torino), is the result of a partnership between the Province of Turin and six municipalities to the south-west of Turin: Beinasco, Bruino, Orbassano, Rivalta and Volvera. These communities, having similar territorial characteristics, have joined in one agency concerned with area development. The affiliated municipalities are of small to medium size, and, consequently, have few resources to dedicate to local economic development. Through ASSOT, the municipalities have combined efforts and resources in one agency.

ASSOT has been created in accordance with the Territorial Pacts, with the specific task of coordinating the creation and activities of the Territorial Pact of the Sangone. ASSOT will also be responsible for the Business Assistance Office (Sportello Unico) charged with facilitating economic development for the associated communties.


The main purpose of the agency is to promote area development, to which end all of its efforts are directed.

ASSOT operates through cooperative agreements with companies, consortia or associations of enterprises by promotion, formulation, performance and management of projects, services or activity in matters of:

1. Infrastructure of the territory, with particular attention to the systems of transport, telecommunication, tourism, recreation and leisure;

2. Integrated services for small and medium-size businesses;

3. Managerial technical services for businesses and local government agencies;

4. Access to the financing.

ASSOT provides consulting services or assistance in the areas of integration and administrative rationalization. Also, organization of consulting services or assistance to public agencies within the association.


The agency, in addition, cooperates with entrepreneurs and local public administrations to facilitate the search for employment.

Assot manages an employment office that it is active with all of the other employment offices in the association. Here, skilled job seekers are provided with useuful services - collection of current job offerings from national and local newspapers; information on employment contracts, exams and professional education; assistance in the compilation of curriculm vitae; etc.

The employment office constitutes, moreover, an important connection between local employers and job seekers. Some companies address their hiring search directly to the employment office, while skilled workers can communicate salary requirments to the potential employer.

ASSOT manages these services through an agreement with the cooperative ORSO. ?Informalavoro? (an employment newsletter) is part of the evolution of services for employment and these activities are coordinated with the center for employment of Orbassano.


The area in which Assot operates, the zone to south-west of Turin, is increasingly feeling the pressure of population trends from the city, particularly the demographic decrease in the city (more than 100,000 inhabitants lost in last the 10 years) in favor of its suburbs (more than 100,000 new inhabitants, approximately 10,000 of which moved into the ASSOT zone).

Specifically, the strong evolutionary process that had characterized the zone during the 1980s is clearly changing, as shown in the following regional statistics:

- a decrease in industrial employment of 10%, a decrease that is, however, less severe than the corresponding decrease in the City of Turin (27%), and in the Province (16%);

- an increase of the employment in the service sector (+60%).

Another element characterizing the Assot area is the strong presence of Fiat (Mirafiori, Rivalta, Volvera, Center Searches, Comau, etc.) and its subcontractors and suppliers.

The industrial sector is currently undergoing a period of evolution and transformation. In fact, new industrial construction is being undertaken. But the major change in the zone is the transfomation Fiat of Rivalta into Fiat Avio. Until recently this was the most important local entreprise which determined the production of many other local factories (suppliers to Fiat). Today, its influence is still considerable but, due to decreased orders to local suppliers, is less important from the point of local production.

ASSOT S.r.l.

Via Alfieri, 21
10043 - Orbassano
Phone: 011 904.08.93
Fax: 011 903.71.61

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