The Partners
API Torino
Set up in 1949, it now numbers over 3,200 member companies, with a total workforce of around 65,000. The mission of the Association is to protect small and medium-sized firms in union relations and in the economic, technological and environmental fields, representing them individually in dealings with trade unions, administrative authorities at all levels and associations and organisations in Italy and abroad.

The aims
The specific characteristics of the interests and needs of the Turin business system require an organisation capable of providing specific proposals and solutions, without any form of conditioning. The API aims to act as an efficient means of defending the results achieved and to assist in guaranteeing further growth of small and medium-sized firms.
The work of API Torino is aimed in two directions: the representation, defence and promotion of the interests of member groups in dealings with institutions, political forces and unions and public opinion and the providing of a network of consultancy and assistance services for member companies.

The governing bodies
The members' meeting is formed of all member firms. The Board of Directors is the deliberative body of the association. It is elected by the meeting and remains in office for four years. The Chairman, Deputy Chairmen, the Board and the Treasury Adviser are elected by the Board of Directors and remain in office for four years.

Category associations
In order to study and boost the specific interests of each production sector, member companies of the API are represented by category associations. Their task is to safeguard the interests of the companies in signing of collective employment contracts, to promote specific initiatives relating to the sector represented (in both financial and business terms) and to encourage sharing of experiences and forms of mutual collaboration between members.

Associated structures
APID - Imprenditorialità Donna is the association of female entrepreneurs who own small and medium-sized firms belonging to the API. Set up in 1989 within API Torino, its principal mission is the promotion and development of female enterprise and the valorisation of female human resources and professional skills.
Gruppo Giovani Imprenditori (young entrepreneurs' group) was set up in 1987 within the Confapi (Italian Federation of small and medium –sized firms) and aims to promote consolidation of a new business culture based on comparison of different professional experiences. Its members range between 18 and 40 years of age.
This was set up in 1992 with the aim of developing training initiatives which could be of interest to small and medium-sized firms and to be the point of reference for organisations on new directions in training. The Consortium, operating in collaboration and synergy with the various API Torino services, guarantees maximum efficiency in guidance and training activities and in insertion of individuals seeking employment, reconciling the social objectives of professional training indicated by regulations with satisfying the needs of the firms concerned.

API - Torino

Via Pianezza n. 123
10151 - Torino
Phone: (+39) 011 4513111
Fax: (+39) 011 4513227

Our reasons for joining Torino Internazionale

Torino Internazionale is much more than just an innovative manner of contemplating the future of the city and the surrounding metropolitan area: it is the city laying bets on its own ability to create a joint plan for transforming Turin into a place which attracts interest and makes the most of the resources it possesses.

API Torino, which specifically represents the extensive assets of know-how, technology and business acumen of small and medium-sized firms in Turin, has chosen to play an active and participant role from the very beginning. Our commitment focuses principally on strategic lines of promotion of entrepreneurship, employment and development of training and research.

The “Strategic Plan for Promotion of the City” contains the main priorities for the Turin of 2010: Turin-based small and medium-sized firms, active and dynamic forces which want to look with confidence towards the future, are playing a leading role in this ambitious project to transform our city.


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