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Short description Telecom Italia Lab
Telecom Italia Lab is the Telecom Italia Group company with the mission of promoting and operating improved innovation, identify and develop large business opportunities offered by the ICT market. The focal points of Telecom Italia Lab are to consolidate experience in the Research and development sector, and expand the promotional capacity of Corporate Venture Capital, investing in emerging technologies, in synergy with the internal research projects and the prospective of the entire Telecom Italia Group's market.

The context
Telecom Italia Lab is an important player at national and international level, and is recognised in the world due to its vanguard successes.
The company, with roughly 1,000 researchers and 13,000 square meters of specialist laboratories, provides important contributions to various areas of telecommunications and information technologies: development of network infrastructures and IP networking, development of Internet services and applications, network-based and mobile services,and multimedia application solution. Recent achievements include the invention of MPEG, the technology that revolutionised the quality of audio and video transmission via Internet, and the development of a vocal navigation systems that allows you to access and surf the Internet simply by speaking into a telephone.

Telecom Italia Lab, with Chairman Rodolfo Zich, C.E.O. Andrea Granelli, General Manager Cesare Mossotto, forming the top management team, has a company structure divided into three Business Areas: R&D; ("Technology Integration & Research"), Venture Capital ("Venture Capital Management"), and New expertise ("ICT Skill Building").
The "Technology Integration & Research" area is dedicated to developing services and solutions business based on the integration of ICT technologies, both for the Group itself and for external client, and to ensuring that internal research and innovation is oriented to the development of enabling technologies and platforms.
The "Venture Capital Management" business area supervises the selection and administration of direct investment at a Group level, both in start-ups involvingthe Group's Business Units, and in indirect investment in Venture Capital.
The "ICT Skill Building" area oversees initiatives and projects to support and build ICT expertise, and promotes innovative models of e-learning.
The company incorporates a further five areas: "Finance, Control & Legal Affairs","Strategy & Business Development", "Communications & Knowledge Dissemination","Operational Services" and "Human Resources".

Telecom Italia Lab is the Telecom Italia company established with the following mission: monitor and manage innovation, identifying and carrying out business opportunities that improve competitive position and create value for the Telecom Italia Group in order to accelerate the creation of new services and produce significant financial returns.

The key activities of Telecom Italia Lab include:
Research and Development and professional technology integration services, thanks to the specific know-how of the research laboratories of Turin, a point of excellence in the areas of prominent innovation in the Internet, mobile telecommunications, multimedia and TLC components.
Corporate Venture Capital, to amplify and integrate our internal capacity for research and development through investment in technology start-ups with the highest development potential. The targets of investment are located in Italy and foreign countries, in the most fertile areas for technological innovation, including the United States where we have created the new Saturn Global Venture Fund.
The scenario-building and study activities of the Future Centre in Venice, market testing of the Consumer Lab in Rome and the scouting activities of Telecom Italia Lab USA (San Francisco).
The acceleration of new business activities revolves around aiding the growth of opportunities associated with start-ups and is carried out by our Centres of Technology Innovation, the first of which was inaugurated in Naples in April 2001.
The identification and development of new skills in the Information Communication Technology (ICT) sector from both within and outside the Group,through e-learning solutions, developing partnerships with universitiesand creating the Interaction Design Institute in Ivrea, an internationalcentre for graduate-level studies and for research and development projectsthat addresses the design of interactions between the user andcommunications services (mobile telecommunications, Internet, etc...).
In February 2001 Telecom Italia Lab gave birth to Loquendo , the newcompany dedicated to the convergence of innovative voice technologies,including voice recognition and voice synthesis, text to speech andinteractive voice applications. Loquendo has developed VoxNauta, thenew platform for surfing the Internet using only the voice and a telephone set (either mobile or fixed), which allows the realisation of services integrating voice telephony and the Internet.

Telecom Italia Lab

Via G. Reiss Romoli, 274
10148 - Torino
Phone: 011 2285111
Fax: 011 2285520

Our reasons for joining Torino Internazionale

Telecom Italia Lab is traditionally engaged in increasing the value of the formative, social and economic system of the territory in which it works.
In Italy it is the Centre for excellence in the field of ICT research. The Turin-based laboratories of Telecom Italia Lab realize a function of connection between the university research and that one applied, also thanks to the strong presence in the international context through theparticipation to European programs, to agencies of norm and the exchange of researchers with universities of all the world. The key targets includethe creation of centres of Innovation in tighten relation with Universities and European and international research centres, the continuous collaboration with other important centres of technological innovation, like MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) of Boston, and the strengthening of the strategic partnerships with local leaders.

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