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CSI-Piemonte (Consortium for the Information System) is a Public Body founded in 1977 as a joint venture of the Regional Government of Piedmont, the Turin Polytechnic and the University of Turin.

In more than 20 years of activity, it has reached about 144 thousand million lire of annual revenues, with a staff of about 800 employees. Among its 42 associated members: Piedmont Provinces and Cities, Healt Institutions and Hospitals, Regional Agencies, Communities and Local Governments Associations.

Today, CSI is one of the leaders in Piedmont for the production of software application and services. Beside working for its local partners, it works for the majority of the Regional Public Bodies, for Public Administrations of other Regions and for the Central Government; in particular, it co-operates with Ministries, with the Department for Public Administration and with the Authority for Information Technology in the Public Administration (AIPA).

By acting as the provider and operational agency for its members, CSI-Piemonte represents the focal point for local authority initiatives. It is structured to be a key tool in bringing about administrative decentralisation and countrywide federalism, as based on the Public Administrationís reform laws.

CSI-Piemonteís task is:
∑ Developing information systems for local authorities
∑ Managing the integrated Regional Public Administrationís Unified Network (RUPAR)
∑ Co-ordinating information technology initiatives
∑ Sharing data, services and resources
∑ Transferring advanced technology systems

As a result of its vast experience, CSI carries out intense activities in numerous fields:
∑ Health and Public Assistance
∑ Enviroment
∑ Situation concerning risk due to natural disasters
∑ Archives and Data Banks
∑ Culture
∑ Tributes
∑ Justice
∑ Networks

CSI Piemonte

Corso Unione Sovietica 216
10134 - Torino
Phone: (+39) 011.3168111
Fax: (+39) 011.3168212

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