The Partners
Brief description of the organization:

The SANDRETTO RE REBAUDENGO FOUNDATION FOR THE ARTS was created in Torino in 1995. In 1997, the exhibition hall of the Re Rebaudengo Palazzo in Gurene of Alba (CN) was inaugurated. This eighteenth century building has been transformed so as to host shows and exhibitions of contemporary art.

Context within which it operates

The Foundation focuses its attentions and energies on the vast field of contemporary visual art, encompassing all of the languages that characterize it from painting to sculpture, video and photography to installations and performances. Over the years, the Foundation has constructively engaged with prestigious national and international museums, as well as with public and private entities that concern themselves with the arts and culture. In this way, together with other institutions, the Foundation has contributed to the consolidation of Torino's role as one of the capitals of contemporary art in both Italy and the world.

Structure of the organization

The structure of the Foundation is composed of: the President; board of directors; artistic director; photographic curator; cultural and scientific committee; administrative office; press office; and a didactic department.

Goals of the organization

The Foundation was created with the goal of bringing the larger public closer to contemporary art and of trying to educate the tastes and sensibilities of today's society towards more current modes of expression.
It also wishes to actively promote young artists, by commissioning their work and supporting them in their creative development, both in Italy and abroad.
The Foundation also intends to complement and integrate itself with the existing cultural offerings of both private institutions as well as Italian and foreign public territorial institutions, thus launching working relationships with many of them.

Activities of the Organization

The Foundation organizes exhibits, conventions, seminars, opportunities for study, art prizes and publications, and guided visits of the shows hosted at its exhibition hall at Guarene of Alba.
In addition, every year, in collaboration with the Region of Piedmont, the Foundation organizes, within the context of the Guarene Art show, the Piedmont Region Prize which is destined to young international artists. It constitutes an important promotional opportunity for young contemporary artists.
Moreover, on an annual basis, educational workshops are organized aimed at the Piedmontese schools, differently articulated with respect to different grades and age categories, in order to educate and bring the younger public closer to contemporary art and its multiple languages.

Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo per l'arte Stati Uniti, 39
10129 - Torino
Phone: +39 011 562 5536
Fax: +39 011 549 225

Our reasons for joining Torino Internazionale

The Sandretto Re Rebaudengo Foundation for the Arts believes in the need for it to strengthen its presence and role as a reference point between the cultural and artistic institutions of the city and the Region. It believes that art, lived in a vivacious and modern way, based on a reciprocal dialogue and an active engagement between institutions and realities operating on the same territory as well as abroad, can create new opportunities for socio-economic growth and development. Therefore, it is important that the Foundation, through organizations such as Torino Internazionale, continues its commitment to promoting, producing, and making known contemporary art to the larger public and continues to put itself in direct relation with other actors that work for the city of Torino, thereby helping to contribute to a constructive synergy.


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