The Partners
The context
Seven million customers served throughout the world, 12 billion cubic meters distributed each year, 23 companies: this -- in miniature -- is the "photograph" of the Italgas Group, leader in Italy in the sector of gas for domestic use, and an important player on the international field.
The group leader Italgas is a joint-stock company, with over 50 thousand shareholders, controlled by ENI and quoted on the Milan stock exchange. Throughout Italy the company transmits seven billion cubic meters of natural gas a year through a network totalling 39 thousand kilometres.
Outside Italy, the Group is present in Argentina, Brazil, Greece, Portugal, Slovenia and Hungary.

Corporate structure and activities
Consistent with the requirements of Legislative Decree no. 164 of May 23rd 2000, during the year 2001 Italgas has reorganised its structure so as to separate network activities from sales activities. Sales are now managed by the new company Italgas Più, which looks after commercial relations with our over four and a half million Italian customers as well as handling activities aimed at developing the market and meeting its demands.
Activities connected with the distribution plant and with acquiring and managing concessions are handled by Italgas through the business unit Attività Italia, which -- as well as maintaining and developing the concessions market -- is responsible for ensuring the transmission of gas through local distribution networks.


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Our reasons for joining Torino Internazionale

The Group is very familiar with urban contexts and works actively to improve the services that cities can offer. Alongside our day-to-day business activities we also work to support institutions and public administrations.
Italgas has a close relationship with Turin in particular, where the company originated and where our headquarters are located. Proof of this lies in the numerous initiatives that, over the years, have enabled us to weave increasingly solid links with Turin and its inhabitants.
By participating in “Associazione Torino Internazionale”, Italgas confirms our commitment to the capital of Piedmont, in the conviction that we can make a contribution to the international promotion of our city and to improving the quality of life for its citizens.

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