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The Home of the Association
From the moment that it was created the city council made premises available for the Association of Torino Internazionale in the heart of the city. The centre is open all day every day and is the place from which Association is run. There are also meeting rooms and an archive within the centre where members of the public with an interest in the activities taking place can drop in and update themselves on the various projects. They can also leave contact details to be added to the data base within the centre in order to receive further news and information.

Tam Tam
Since November-December 2000 the Association of Torino Internazionale has been publishing a bi-monthly newsletter called Tam Tam. Tam Tam updates everyone on the latest news relating to Strategic Plan, the Association, the main projects and events relevant to the metropolitan area. It also contains important debates that are of particular interest, interviews with mayors from within the metropolitan area and a column on strategic planning in both Italy and elsewhere in Europe.

4,000 copies of the first issue were printed and 6,000 of the second and third. The publication provides regular, prompt updates and news as well as maintaining a link between those involved in the process and the general public.

The newsletter has a circulation of about 3,000 people. These consist mainly of those involved with the Strategic Plan. It is also sent to the representatives of associations and some citizens within the city and Piedmont.

The newsletter is published exclusively in Italian and is also available on the Internet at:

It is possible to request a copy of Tam Tam by post from or by writing to Torino Internazionale. It is important to give the following information:
  • The first and surnames of the person interested
  • The Profession, with name and address of place of work
  • All other information necessary for posting
  • The numbers of publications that are required and whether a free subscription for future issues is required.

Cittāinforma and Pensiero Comune
Since December 2000 the Association of Torino Internazionale has been working in collaboration with Turin City council's monthly newsletters:
  • Pensiero Comune or Council Thoughts, is an internal publication for the council's staff
  • Cittāinforma or Informing the City, is sent to every household in the city.
Pensiero Comune published articles written by the leaders of the council. They related to the Strategic Plan and to the possibility of greater interaction between the public administration and the Association of Torino Internazionale. Cittāinforma was designed to respond to the general public's questions on the future transformation of Turin's metropolitan area.

The Internet Site
The Italian version the site provides up to date information on the activities of the Association and is where the public and those involved in the process can rapidly access key information. It also acts to publicise all the projects in the pipe line.

Citta' in progetto
Since January 2000 the Association of Torino Internazionale, in collaboration with the daily national newspaper, La Stampa and the l'Unione Industriale, has been organising a series of conferences with other cities in Europe. It focuses on those cities that, thanks to their ability to design for change, have overcome crises and now have a more powerful position within the international framework.

Every group of representatives from the guest city involved presents their strategy for the city focusing on one interesting aspect in more detail. Through meeting the delegates from the visiting city, the Mayor of Turin and other local experts have been able to present and then debate, Torino Internazionale the Strategic Plan and the future development of the City of Turin and it's metropolitan area with them.

In the first round of conferences the city invited, Bilbao, Stockholm, Munich, Glasgow and Barcelona to participate.
In total more than 2000 people took part in the conferences including members of public, representatives from institutions and people involved in the process.

Starting at the beginning of January and running concurrently with every conference of Cittā in Progetto was a collaboration with, Torino Sette. Torino Sette is a weekly section in the national newspaper, La Stampa for the Turin area. Torino Sette created a new column dedicated to debating the future of the city. It now publishes an interview every week with one of the members of Torino Internazionale and is the basis for a discussion forum that is also linked to Torino Internazionale's website.

It is intended that for every conference of Cittā in Progetto there are also a series of 8 advertisements placed in, La Stampa, La Repubblica, Il Sole 24 Ore North west and Il Giornale del Piemonte, (all daily national newspapers)

More than 13,000 pamphlets were printed for every event in Cittā in Progetto. More than 9,000 were sent from a mailing list that was composed of the members of Torino Internazionale and those others involved in the projects such as, public institutions, private companies and professors from the universities of Turin and the Region of Piedmont. More than 2,000 further pamphlets were sent to university students, registered Architects from Turin and the province, representatives of companies connected with the Unione Industriale. Finally more than 1,000 pamphlets were distributed from information points throughout the city.

Working with the students
At the beginning of the year 2000 the Association of Torino Internazionale started a collaboration with the Universitā degli Studi and the Politecnico di Torino. This was to introduce the Strategic Plan for the city to the students as well as to promote the city through a programme of events dedicated to young foreigners. After an event held to welcome foreign students to the city two guided tours of the city were organised focusing on contemporary art and cinema. At the same time the Strategic Plan was also presented to the Department of Economics, Corep (Consortium for Research and Continuing Professional Development), and the Institute of European Design.
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