The association
Following the creation of the Strategic Plan for Turin or Torino Internazionale, on May the 9th 2000 an association was founded also with the name, Torino Internazionale. It is supported by institutions, public and private bodies, trade unions, mayors of the local councils and companies working in the Turin metropolitan area.

The principal objectives of the association are the co-ordination and monitoring of the initiatives proposed in the Strategic Plan. It also follows the progress of the projects, evaluating them from a financial, social, environmental, and cultural perspective. The association updates the lines of action outlined in the Plan and develops new proposals. A key role of the association is to promote and publicise the Plan and to insure the maximum number of people know about it, what it aims to achieve and the times and dates of events to be held as part of the implementation of the Plan.

The Association of Torino Intenazionale has an efficient structure in which the main decision making body is the Assembly of members who meet every two months for both a plenary assembly and for specific meetings focusing on the specific lines of action.

The Assembly of Torino Internazionale is made up of representatives from all the public bodies, institutions and associations who subscribed the Strategic Plan to promote the city of Turin. The Mayor of Turin, Sergio Chiamparino, acts as president.

The Assembly's decisions are brought about by a Co-ordinating Committee made up of nine people, of these six are the spokespeople for the lines of action. The other three are the president, the vice-president and a mayor representing the councils of the towns within the metropolitan area. The Co-ordinating Committee, is aided by a director and a small team of technical staff.

The group of experts who have been involved with the process from the beginning check the methods from a scientific point of view. They also help the various parts of the Association to think more strategically and evaluate the results that are being achieved.
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