Towards the Plan
Table of Contents
Towards the plan
This publication was written in November 1998 as part of the preparation of the Strategic Plan. It is an in depth analysis of the city from which emerges some of the initial objectives for the Plan itself and some general strategic points to build on in the future.

Together with another important document, 'Fundamental Data', which contains all the data collected from previous research, 'Towards the Plan' focuses on the results of this initial phase of the work which was carried out by the International Scientific Committee. The results form a base for constructing the principal hypothesis for the Plan.

Towards the Plan was prepared thanks to the contribution of some of the researchers at the heart of the study of Turin. It contains, concisely, all the essential information on the economy and society of the city at present, the forecast for the medium term if there are not more corrective initiatives. The document concentrates on the threats the city faces, the resources available and the measures needed to correct the present situation.

Table of Contents
A Common Undertaking
  1. The new role of cities
  2. Torino in Europe
  3. The regional context
  4. The heritage
  5. The people of Torino today and tomorrow
  6. The engine of production
  7. New resources for development
  8. Urban spaces
  9. The open society
  10. The metropolitan government system
  11. Towards the Plan
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Download the attached maps:
Map no. 1 - The principal backbones of Europe
Map no. 2 - The principal transport corridors of Western Europe
Map no. 3 - Urban hierarchy in Western Europe
Map no. 4 - Diagram showing travel times between Turin and other key European cities before and after the construction of the high-speed rail link
Map no. 5 - the context at the macro regional level
Map no. 6 - The extent of the territory
Map no. 7 - The wealth of places of interest for tourists
Map no. 8 - Major infrastructure networks and principal urban projects.
Map no. 9 - Turin and the sub centres for economic development

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