The strategic plan
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The strategic plan
Turin is the first city in Italy to adopt a Strategic Plan for the next decade. After the phase of analysis which resulted in the document "Towards the Plan", the workshops produced a final document: "The strategic Plan of the city".

Roughly one thousand people took part in the preliminary round of discussion and helped in the writing of a plan of action for promotion of the city. The document outlined the way forward for the city up to the year 2010 and focused on the six most important courses of action:
  • A better position for the city internationally, effective connections and the ability to compete on the same level as other successful cities

  • The co-ordination of a new government for the whole metropolitan area within a short time frame

  • Focus on both research and training as fundamental resources for local development and as the source of a new international image for the City of Turin

  • The evolution of the city from, "City of the Car" to a city known for its competitiveness in the areas of enterprise and new technologies

  • Highlighting the huge wealth of historic, artistic and cultural attractions that the city has to offer and the promotion of the city as a centre for tourism conventions and trade fairs

  • The development of a more sustainable and environmentally friendly city and the creation of stronger social cohesion
The Plan contains six strategic lines which are then split into twenty more detailed aims and eighty-four specific actions or interventions.

The Plan concludes with a "Pact" or agreement that was signed on 29th February 2000 in the assembly hall of the Politecnico by all those that had a involved in the project.

The document consist of three sections: the first explains the process of construction of the Plan, the second contains its strategies, its objectives and its actions; in the third there is the Pact connected with the Plan.

Table of Contents
1. The City Plan
The reason for a strategic plan
How it was constructed
Who is it for?
A vision for the future
The 2006 Torino Winter Olympics: a powerful driver for the plan
Contents of the plan
Implementation of the plan

2. Strategic lines, objectives and actions
Strategic line 1: Integrate the metropolitan area into the international system
Strategic line 2: Construct the metropolitan government
Strategic line 3: Develop training and research as strategic resources
Strategic line 4: Promote enterprise and employment
Strategic line 5: Promote Turin as a city of culture, tourism, commerce and sport
Strategic line 6: Improve the quality of urban life

3. The Pact between the Various Components of Society in Torino

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