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2004-2015: Towards a new Plan

Four years after the Plan was initiated, new priorities are emerging that need to be read in the perspective of the work that has been carried out and organized into a wide-ranging project. These priorities are the catalysts of the debate which the consolidated method, with its strategic, integrated and concerted plan, must interpret through its personal vision: sustainable development, social cohesion, governance and valorization of the network, research into opportunities for future generations, the value of culture and knowledge, the ability to communicate change.

This means keeping the debate open, in order to support Torino’s development until 2015, ten years after the conclusion of the Olympics, which includes an intermediate and historically significant date: 2011, the 150th anniversary of the Unity of Italy.

The new Plan will have to put all these arguments into its agenda, combining the various points of view and responding to the most recent social expectations. This means focusing intelligently on the potential of the territory, optimizing the integration of the metropolitan area, valorizing the city as an interface of relations with the enlarged Europe, planning economic policy on the basis of industrial and technological competence, keeping cultural ferment alive, and sustaining the development of a knowledge-based society. It also means involving not just the traditional elite, but increasingly large segments of a responsible and active society.

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