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Promote Torino as a city of culture, tourism, commerce and sports starts with the cultural wealth of Torino and a project for the development of tourism that will result in strong growth. The 2006 Winter Olympics are an opportunity for presenting this new image of the city.


1. Enhance and develop the cultural patrimony

  • Strengthen and upgrade the central urban museum system
  • Enhance the treasures from the Egyptian civilization
  • Promote Torino as a “Cinema City”
  • Complete the architectural renovation of the Reggia di Venaria
  • Develop the “Cittadella della Cultura di Stupinigi” project
  • Construct a new cultural pole in the city
  • Create an educational, production and exhibition Center for services and commerce in the auto and design sectors
  • Build a Science and Technology Park
  • Nominate Torino as a European culture capital

2. Coordinate cultural activities and plan events of an international standard

  • Enhance the modern and contemporary art system
  • Improve the music system, giving it national and international visibility

3. Develop the tourist industry

  • Widen, develop and diversify the range of accommodations
  • Develop the trade fair pole
  • Create the Convention Bureau

4. Place Torino and Piemonte in the national and international tourist markets

  • Improve Torino and Piemonte‚Äôs position in the national and international tourist markets
  • Publicize the wine and food culture both nationally and internationally

5. Support the growth and innovation of the area’s commercial network

  • Encourage aspiring young business people
  • Give incentives to new commercial businesses
  • Innovate the commercial network
  • Create the “Shopping Torino” product

6. Promote sports

  • Increase and improve sports facilities
  • Encourage the internationalization of sports in Torino
  • Develop tourist movements linked to sports

7. Use the Winter Olympics as a catalyst for development and international promotion

  • Locate and build the Olympic village in Spina 3
  • Build new sporting complexes and upgrade existing ones for the Winter Olympics
  • Construct two Media Villages in the improved central areas

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