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Improve urban quality by regenerating the fabric of the city and upgrading the environment and urban areas. This is of vital importance in order to guarantee equal access to the advantages of development. Increasing coordination between social policies and multiplying urban centers are also elements of the project.


1. The new “centers,” urban renewal and social integration as a strategy to spread prosperity and cohesion

  • Promote the regeneration of neighborhoods through integrated projects
  • Create new “centers” in the city by valorizing on-going transformations
  • Create a network of Infocenters
  • Sustain activities of professional training and support the creation of companies for cultural heritage, environmental innovation, natural resources and the third sector
  • Create an Urban center
  • Build a Social Park
  • Present Torino as an excellent place for non-profit organizations

2. Local Agenda 21, sustainable development and environmental innovation as the guide and foundation for city strategies

  • Support strategy and projects to improve the quality of the environment
  • Implement the “Torino City of Water” project
  • Continue with projects of public area improvement
  • Revive the Green Courtyards Plan
  • Promote Torino as a “City for Children”

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