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European cities that have utilized instruments of strategic planning have always indicated a metropolitan territorial dimension in answer to the needs of an area that was more wide-spread than just the territory’s capital city. Despite the fact that governing metropolitan areas in Italy is still an unresolved matter, it is widely held that constructing forms of coordination for large urban agglomerations - poly-centric realities characterized by economic and social integration - is of fundamental importance.

This belief is the cornerstone of the Strategic Plan, which supported the creation of the Conferenza Metropolitana of Torino, whose 38 participating mayors met to try to find a structured form of coordination.

This is an important patrimony of institutional cooperation, with planning capabilities, participation at agreement protocols and agencies to manage services. One example is the Metropolitan Mobility Agency, which was created in 2003 to integrate the collective transport services thanks to agreements between the Piemonte Region, the Province of Torino, the City of Torino and 16 other municipalities.

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