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It has been calculated that nowadays, knowledge in strategic sectors doubles every four years. This fact has been made a cornerstone of the Strategic Plan and is food for thought regarding the priorities of the society of tomorrow. Economic growth is increasingly dependent on the services tied to knowledge, processes and innovations that can only be produced by a thriving environment of training and research. To strengthen and increase Torino’s pole, the University has launched a program of decentralized faculties: psychology (Manifattura Tabacchi), law and political science (former Italgas), economy (former IRVE), medicine (Molinette and San Luigi), and natural sciences, pharmacology and veterinary medicine (Municipality of Grugliasco). A few of the structures which have been projected as Olympic villages for athletes and journalists will be converted into university residences after 2006, adding 1,300 spaces to the presently available ones.

The first phase to double the size of the Polytechnic has been completed. The new structures are located in the area of the former OGR (the Old Railway Yards), which had long been abandoned, thus increasing the area dedicated to teaching and research. These new structures host two research institutes (telecommunications and territorial systems), and a business incubator.

Starting in the second half of the 1990’s, many international centers in the training and research sectors have chosen to relocate in Torino. This is a unique occurrence in Italy, and the following headquarters are now located here: CIF-OIL (International Training Center of the International Labor Organization), the United Nations Staff College, ETF (European Training Foundation), UNICRI (United Nations Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute), Hydroaid (International School of Water for Development), and IPSET (International Pole for Support of Education and Training).


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