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Torino’s economic system has recently been passing from an almost single-sector system to a more complex one. Within this new context, the traditional automotive industry will continue to be an important presence - albeit with profound changes and internal innovations - alongside new sectors. Thus, particular attention must be paid to supporting its entrepreneurial system and to strengthening the relations between large and small companies. In part thanks to the presence of important public and private research centers, Torino can enjoy favorable prospects for development in innovative sectors.

Following this line of development, there are technological parks like the Environment Park, which has attracted avant-garde companies in the environmental sector, and the Virtual Reality & Multi Media Park, a center for the production and post-production of films, television shows and advertising.Then there is the important experience of Torino Wireless, the technological district specializing in wireless connections, which was created to encourage research in the ICT sector, accelerate high-potential companies, and increase the weight of the technological sector in the regional and national economy, with the objective of investing 120 million euros in the 2002-2007 five-year period. Over the past four years, the first incubators for new companies have been created to sustain the creation of start-up companies (the first is 13P, which has been active since 2000 at the Polytechnic of Torino), important elements of junction between research, academe, and enterprise. Thanks to the activities of ITP Invest in Turin and Piedmont, over the past five years more than 60 companies have invested in the territory thanks to a marketing strategy which has created 1,300 contacts in strategic sectors.

As far as public policy is concerned, many local bodies have started to search for concerted solutions to the problems of development and employment. To this end, Territorial Pacts have been signed upon the initiative of the Province of Torino and the various organizations involved. These are important opportunities to be transformed into permanent structures of local collaboration.


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