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Improving the quality of life is the goal of every action that regards the city. The internationalization of Torino, therefore, naturally includes urban quality, in a triple sense: the quality of urban spaces, buildings and natural areas; safety, social cohesion and a reduction of marginalized neighborhoods; and sustainable development. In a short time, Torino will show itself as a new city, and one of the nerve centers of this new image will be the four new Spina neighborhoods, which now involve the city’s major construction sites.

Strategies of urban development, which have been documented since 2001 by OfficinaCittàTorino, capture the idea of a polycentric city, made of many environments that are tied together by synergetic - rather than hierarchic - relations. Constructing the identity of these places, from the physical design of the spaces to the definition of the neighborhood’s identity, is also the objective of Progetto Periferie, which completed urban renewal projects involving piazzas, houses and courtyards between 2001 and 2004. This initiative has been sustained by almost 700 small businesses, storeowners and artisans. It has conducted research on the history of the neighborhoods; organized outdoor celebrations and supported street theater performances; and launched a project involving a neighborhood police force as a deterrent to petty crime.

Urban space is valorized by consolidating the natural fabric of the city, creating parks and improving accessibility. These are the objectives of the project “Torino City of Water,” which was inaugurated in 1993 to create a continuous system of river parks (70 linear kilometers) along the banks of the four rivers that traverse the city. The objectives were increased by “Green Crown,” a program of interventions on a regional level for the environmental and landscaping recovery of the Savoy residences and their surrounding parks.Regarding sustainable development and environmental innovation, the local Agenda 21 of the Province and Municipality of Torino was created. Its initiatives have involved various sectors: urban mobility, trash recycling, noise pollution and renewable sources of energy.


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