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JUN 2005
The Second Strategic Plan

2005 will be the year to see the new Strategic Plan of the City of Torino. Torino Internazionale will create the opportunities to meet and discuss for a network of representatives from the Polytics, Economy, Social, with the aim of defining lines of intervention and main projects able to lead the development of the metropolitan territory to 2015.

The discussion will try to answer to the main question beneath Plan 2, by strongly orienting the selection of strategic assets: how to turn Torino into the city of knowledge. Traditionally known for its strong scientific, technologic and cultural potential, the city holds all the assets necessary to successfully bear the transformation.

If the development of the city has been historicallly measured on the base of material production, of creating effective organisations, on the stimula given to the sense of citizenship of the workers, These conditions can no longer be guaranteed by the same forces operating in the area so far. Torino faces the opportunity to engage important aspects of its industrial tradition and use them to new fields.

Four Thematic Commissions (Metropolitan Territory, Social Quality, Economic Development, Culture & Turism and Actractiveness) will have the role of articulate the vision of the society, collect proposals, organize them in accordance to main criterias of priority, coherence and feasibility.

The Strategic Plan is an instrument to involve the citizenship in the planning of the changement. So, the making of the Second Plan will lean on some experiences of partecipations successfully brought up in the Turin Area: the network of the project «Giovani e Idee a Torino» and the aggregation centres; social tables and committees of «Progetto Periferie»; discussions at local level (Agende 21 locali).

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