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Strategic Line 1 - Integrate the metropolitan area in the international system

Integrate the metropolitan area in the international system means strengthening the transportation and communications infrastructures in order to increase Torino’s centrality in Europe. Creating new relations with other cities and regions is important in order to become stronger in the world market.


1. Develop international co-operation networks

  • Promote cooperation toward internationalization
  • Prepare a communications plan for international promotion of the city

2. Facilitate access to Torino

  • Intensify the international role of Caselle Airport
  • Complete the Crossrail system
  • Participate in the Po Valley and Transalpine High-Capacity Railway Systems
  • Construct the metro rail network
  • Construct the stations along the Crossrail link
  • Complete Corso Marche
  • Complete the beltway east of the city
  • Complete the Torino-Pinerolo highway

3. Improve mobility within the city

  • Construct the Collegno-Porta Nuova section of the metro
  • Improve and extend the tram network
  • Construct park-and-ride parking lots
  • Create a company to control the transport system by computer
  • Improve the efficiency of the collective transport system
  • Construct a pedestrian link between the trade fair area and Lingotto station
  • Construct the Corso Spezia underpass link

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