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Strategic line 3 - Develop training and research as strategic resources

Develop training and research as strategic resources is of prime importance because producing knowledge, renewing it and making it a common good, in step with the needs of the economy and industry, are key elements of socio-economic development. A top-rate university pole, integration between training and empolyment, and the development of research are the main objectives to be achieved.


1. Strengthen an internationally attractive, top-level university pole

  • - Develop and upgrade the University structures
  • - Develop and upgrade the Polytechnic structures
  • - Strengthen the role of the Italo-French University
  • - Create a network of advanced training and research

2. Foster the development of research in connection with economic initiatives

  • Develop research opportunities for scientific centers
  • Valorize a health services pole of international fame

3. Promote vocational training and work/training integration

  • Create a network of structures to monitor, support and evaluate the education-training system
  • Valorize the human resources at risk with training initiatives
  • Create a pilot vocational training institution for the industrial sector
  • Make the territory‚Äôs training opportunities more visible and attractive on a global scale

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