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Strategic line 4 - promote enterprise and employment

Promote enterprise and employment means supporting new ideas and new companies, based on industrial and technologically-consolidated capability. Looking into innovative sectors with development potential is a way to offer young generations opportunities for the future.


1 Develop the innovative potential of the productive system

  • Promote and exploit technology districts
  • Reorganize technological transfer activities
  • Develop the aerospace pole
  • Promote the research, development and use of innovative technology
  • Develop industrial-technical cooperation with international markets
  • Create the Internet Exchange for the North-West
  • Create conditions that encourage growth in ICT sector companies

2. Create conditions favorable to the development of new enterprise

  • Encourage the creation of innovative companies with a high level of specialization
  • Create incentives for the formation of new companies
  • Attract investments
  • Create a real estate trust to let new companies begin their activity in rented space
  • Encourage the development and founding of new insurance companies

3. Promote local development and active employment policies

  • Support the formation of Territorial Pacts
  • Develop active employment policies to create new employment opportunities
  • Create a permanent structure for the promotion of trades and professions

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