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For a city that has hosted the Olympics, the inheritance of the Games doesn’t involve just material aspects like the important sports infrastructures that were built, but also immaterial aspects like its visibility on the international scene and the development of organizational competences for important events. In the increasingly competitive market of urban appeal, the 2006 Winter Olympics were a marvelous opportunity, but they also highlighted how important it is to stabilize a positive image, nurturing the virtuous circle which is the basis of the politics of promotion.

The promotion and tourism axis will examine three themes: the promotion of the territory’s image and its strategy regarding important events, the issues of leisure tourism and those of business tourism.

  • The project to promote a new international image of Torino, updated with respect to the industrial identity that characterized it for the entire 20th century, found its culminating moment in the Olympics. The success of the Games has placed Torino among the number of cities that can nominate themselves to host important events like those already planned in the near future: the Winter Universiadi (2007), the UIA World Congress of Architects and the World Capital of Design (2008), and the celebrations of the 150th anniversary of the Unity of Italy (2011).
  • International promotion of the city has gone hand in hand with activity supporting the tourist sector, which has made the most of the initiatives that have been taken to upgrade the urban fabric, recuperate its cultural and historical patrimony, construct new transportation infrastructures and invest in hotels. Now that this important phase of investments has ended, Torino can offer itself as a valid destination for short-break tourism, for people interested in passing a few days in town, combining culture, art, fun, shopping and good food and wines. In the future, this will mean valorizing even better the combination of Torino and Piedmont, with its mountains, lakes and the Langhe, turning the area into a destination for even longer stays.
  • Even in the field of business tourism, conventions and congresses, Torino has set in motion a development policy to make use of some of the Olympic installations that have been projected for various uses. Rather than offering itself in a generalized way, the winning method is to select events that are most in tune with the identity of the territory - history, technology, automobiles, design, contemporary art -, in which the city can offer an added value, thanks to its points of excellence.


  1. Promote the territory’s image and attract important events
  2. Make use of aspects of great appeal and local strong points to support short-break tourism
  3. Strengthen policies regarding trade fair and convention tourism


  • Calendar of international events
  • Torino and Piedmont’s image
  • Valorization of the Olympic legacy
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