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Any projects regarding health care represent in themselves a value, since they guarantee a fundamental right. Nevertheless, these projects are also economically important, if - as data indicates - in the next few years this sector will absorb an increasingly important part of the GDP. They also have a strategic value, since preventative action on factors that can have an influence on health is strongly correlated to various aspects of the quality of life: from urban renewal to the management of safe transportation that is less polluting, the reduction of work-related accidents and the diffusion of examples of healthy behavior.

The health and care axis will discuss how to modernize the local health system, in part through the use of new technology.

  • The first necessity is to introduce a model of integrated assistance that uses modern methods to see to health needs through the personalization of services, de-hospitalization, home care support, the simplification and flexibility of access to services. All this while carrying out strategies of cost control to ensure the economic feasibility of the care and the safeguarding of social rights associated with it. These objectives can be achieved with the help of the Social Town-Planning Scheme, an instrument that helps coordinate and rationalize actions taken by the local administration regarding social health and the quality of life.
  • The rapid increase of chronic disease and the aging of the population are changing the reference models of the health system and social services, which today tend to be viewed as complementary aspects of one sole need. This is particularly true of the elderly, chronically ill or handicapped, who could be efficiently followed by a network of small, territorial centers. A key point of this reasoning is to shift attention from the hospital to the home, organizing a service model based on flexible, integrated teams of specialists, doctors, nurses, social workers and home care workers.
  • Social-sanitary integration and the strengthening of home care assistance are areas of strategic intervention that often capture the interest of private donors, who are willing to offer resources for plausible initiatives. It is obvious that the success of the assistance model proposed and its economic sustainability also depend on the ability to make use of technological innovations, to reduce costs while maintaining a high level of services. Torino‚Äôs municipal area has a fair amount of competence in this area, thanks to the advanced research centers located here: the incorporation of assistance using advanced technology could become a factor for attracting innovative businesses. This spirit is reflected in the project of the Torino Health and Science Park, the headquarters of a large teaching hospital flanked by areas dedicated to laboratories, experimentation of new technology and the construction of businesses tied to this experimentation.


  1. Integrate the hospital component in the territorial network of social and health services
  2. Develop technology for carrying out social-sanitary services at home and for telemedicine equipment
  3. Coordinate social-sanitary initiatives within health-related policies
  4. Guarantee foreign citizens their right to health
  5. Define the Torino Health and Science Park project


  • Social Town-Planning Scheme
  • ICT platform for social-sanitary services
  • Health and Science Park
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