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The topic of homes occupies a central position in the strategies involving economic development and social quality. Traditional policies regarding property, which for years converged on the need for savings and safe investments on the part of families, are increasingly unable to answer to the widespread needs of society. The topic of the quality of homes is interconnected with urban renewal, an area in which Torino in recent years has been a proving ground of innovative initiatives which have generally produced positive results, albeit with a few weaker elements.

The homes and urban renewal axis will discuss two aspects: the need to modify how the housing market is regulated, and the opportunity for valorizing the experiences of urban renewal which have been carried out in the metropolitan area in recent years.

  • The change in family models and work organization that has involved society has created a strong diversification of needs and expectations regarding homes. People who stay in town to work for just a part of the week, young people with irregular contracts, out-of-town students, people with untraditional families, immigrants for whom the home is an indispensable condition for obtaining residency permits and reuniting their families - these are just a few of the categories which don’t fit into the traditional models of home ownership. Therefore, the number of apartments for rent must increase; this can occur by activating a series of instruments and facilitations, in part through the collaboration of local bodies which, in a few cases, could become mediators and guarantors in the relationship between owner and potential renter.
  • The most important inheritance of Torino’s recent season of complex programs of urban renewal is the certainty that these types of initiatives must keep two aspects in mind: the physical regeneration of dwellings and the support of the local social and economic network. The objective of this double mechanism is the mobilization of the territory’s resources, the support of grass-roots participation on the part of organized civil society - the fertile breeding ground for projects of social solidarity tied to urban renewal programs. If the results have gone in this direction, then when the time comes to evaluate and repeat the initiatives, special attention will be focused on institutionalizing the projects and making them a shared public patrimony, to inspire new policies thanks to the positive effects that can be guaranteed by an accumulation of resources, projects and strategies.


  1. Increase and diversify the availability and the accessibility of rental homes
  2. Valorize the policies and results of the urban renewal experiences


  • Metropolitan rental agency
  • An interface between the areas of transformation and the city
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