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FEB 2006 - TAMTAM 2006/S
A special english edition of Torino Internazionale's magazine

Tamtam 2006/s is a special edition of Torino Internazionale´s magazine; it is an anthology of English articles that, during the Olympics, acquainted the international public with the Association‚Äôs important new projects, like the second Strategic Plan, “Torino World Design Capital 2008” and the Metropolitan Urban Center.

Design as a theme and the function of architecture are presented by professionals and experts as they discuss the potential of Torino’s system during the city’s transition from a large industrial metropolis to a paradigm of economy and a knowledge-based society. The criteria behind Arata Isozaki’s concept for the ice hockey pavilion, the prospects for car design, new graphic ideas and innovations in food design are all starting points for discussions about the excellences of Torino, all the while keeping an eye on the international scene.

The Strategic Plan is the stage on which these initiatives take form and also the receptacle of the proposals that the local system invents and promotes. Thus, the pages of “Inside” present the framework of the second Plan, which will soon be published. “Shot” is dedicated to Torino‚Äôs rich collection of contemporary artworks in public spaces, while this special edition opens with a short story by John Berger which we are able to offer you thanks to the kind permission of the publishing house Bollati Boringhieri, which is preparing the work for its upcoming publication in Italian.

Cover: Gilberto Zorio, Fontana Italia 61
Tam Tam photographs and Shot: Annalisa Magone (photo in the italian website)
English version: David Henderson with the assistance of John Meechan and Patrick Mckeown


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