TORINOCAMPUS is a project designed to enhance the image of Turin as a university city, endeavouring to attract non-resident students and encouraging them to stay by providing them with a range of facilities intended to promote integration.

More specifically, this site provides information on cultural, sports and leisure offerings in Turin and in the province, it allows users to register for an electronic newsletter which they can receive every fortnight and which provides them with a calendar of events and initiatives organised in Turin and in the province, enabling them to take part in a photographic community. The rationale with which news published on the site and in the newsletter is chosen is to foster international transparency, the use of English, the provision of services and facilities to foreign students and for young people.

The project was inaugurated in 2007 by Torino Internazionale and by the city of Turin (the local government department tasked with promoting the city, international relations and the central communications service) in cooperation with Turin's universities, the UNO training agencies (Staff College, Itc, Ilo, Unicri) and the Army Studies Institute. The TORINOCAMPUS project is informed by the vision set out in the Second Strategic Plan for Turin and the metropolitan area, putting forward a development model focusing on a knowledge-based society, investing in human capital and the internationalisation of the education system.



Here are some highlights from the Autumn season of concerts in Turin:

Jonas Brothers - 6 November
Green Day - 12 November
Depeche Mode - 26 November
Muse - 4 December
Franz Ferdinand - 7 December

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